Wednesday, 30 March 2011


If you don't want to play on battle net for Warcraft 3 or you just lost your cd key to go online, you can download Garena. Garena Allows you to play with others as if you were online, but instead you go to local area network instead of battle net. Its like world wide lan. You can gain levels by playing games in Garena. It also isnt limited to just Warcraft 3. You can play a whole bunch of games through Garena like, Counter strike Source, Cs 1.6, Left for dead 1 and 2, Call of duty, ect... I recommended checking it out.

Monday, 28 March 2011

The Iron wood branch

The Iron wood branch is such a usefull item. So cheap yet half the effect of a circlet. You know those times you say, Oh man only if i had 19 more health! Well next time grab an iron wood branch and it can save you! Hehe, or if your good and can farm, just buy a heart.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ursa tips.

I am really good at using ursa warrior and id like to give you all a tip that is a must while playing. When playing ursa the first items you must always get is a ring of Basilus (Spelt something like that: sobi mask and ring of protection) and after that you go to make a vlads for life steal. The reason for this is, by the time you are lvl 7, you should atleast have the vlads made. It is possible for ursa to kill roshan at lvl 7 with only a vlads. The spells you will need to have is, 4 into the one that makes you do more damage with each attack, 2 into the faster attacks and 1 into your ultimate. If you do it right, it is an easy kill on rosh early in the game.

Another tip. Even though Ursa is agility, build him for strength. This will make you do more damage due to your ultimate, and also makes you more tank.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

What is the most Overpowered Hero?

I was wondering what hero you guys think is the most overpowered at either the start or end of the match. I would argue that Barathram and Mortred are both the most un-killable heroes late game.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Any one know anything about DotA 2?

I was wondering if anyone has an information about the release date for dota 2, or even your thoughts on it.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Lycan vs Balanar

Lycan and Balanar Are two of my favorite Strength heroes in Dota. Both Heroes are built for chasing the enemy singling them out and killing them, or even take on a few at a time.
    Balanar is the vampire type. He is a strong hero and has a very good set of spells, Void (slow dps), Hunter in the night (passive Increase MS and AS at night), Crippling fear ( Silences target and causes them to miss attacks), and His ultimate ( i forget the name) witch makes it night time for a certain period of time at no mana cost. When it is nighttime Balanar is a very tough  opponent to defeat if played well. He can chase his enemy with his already fast movment speed, slow them and silence them too. A tip to anyone who tries him out, try to save his ultimate for nighttime because you dont want to make the day longer, but as soon as night hits, spam his ultimate as soon as its off cooldown to make the night last longer. This works well because there is no mana cost.

    Lycan is the werewolf type. Lycan is able to summon two wolves that help him kill enemies. He has a passive spell that increases movment speed to both himself and any minions under his control (wolves, even the courier), he has a spell called Howl witch increases all friendly units attack damage, and his ultimate which turns him into a werewolf. While shape shifted, he has max movement speed at all times (ie. immune to slows and even when voodooed he can still run at max speed) he also gains life and has the ability to make critical strikes.

    Both Heroes are very strong and can do a lot of damage. Although i think Lycan has the slight advantage, If the player playing Balanar is smart, Balanar can win due to having a longer period of time at high attack and movment speeds.

   Some good items for both characters are a battle fury, a Cranium Basher, and a Heart.

Overall both are very good picks and have a high threat against the enemy.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Dota Allstars

Today, my friends and I played some dota allstars. We play useing Garena. It lets you play worldwide useing the local area network feature. We pretty much Win every game we play and we are looking for others to play with us. If you have a garena account or play dota at all, msg CAT-SCRATCH on garena.